In a startup, trying to be a "Jack of All Trades", we mostly end up being a "Master of none". Clearly two brains are better than one - especially when it comes to complementary skill sets. This is the path I chose right from the beginning, - Collaborate with suitable partners. That means knocking at doors when you're a startup, and if you've worked for good number of years for someone and now decided to branch off on your own ( like myself ), unlearn and re-learn; all this with a keen and open mind.

Doesn't matter if the right partner doesn't come along in the first few attempts - there could be a multitude of reasons, non-alignment of respective goals, lack of expertise etc.  It took me more than six months to zero in on a suitable company to collaborate with - and Chichi Reef Warrior is the result of that wait. I am all in gratitude to Flip Design Pvt Ltd, whose web-based game Chichi launched sometime in 2009, was revived into a native IOS game in October 2012.

The scope of external collaboration I am talking about is between two small entities ( or even individuals ) - because the larger players have their own streamlined partnership programs where benefits to both parties are very clear. The context of partnership proposed, is not limited to just a pure-service based approach, where one party is the customer and the other provides the necessary product at some consideration. No option is foolproof, its for you to think about what suits you based on your individual context.  If the goals of both parties are the same, you have nothing to fear. But if in doubt, do not proceed, restart your search! Initial stages of a startup, invest only in what is required in terms of resources, because, your search can drag on and on!

And remember to create a win-win for all, and especially remember that in a frenzy of getting a product out, do not compromise on your own objective.